Samsung Galaxy Watch 6’s Pricing Details Leak Online

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Rumors

The Galaxy Watch 6 lineup comprises two models: the Galaxy Watch 6 and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. The “Classic” variant will mark the return of the beloved rotating bezel, while the standard Galaxy Watch 6 won’t deviate significantly from its predecessor. It will be available in three attractive color options: silver, black, and cream.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6’s Pricing Details Leak Online

Likewise, the Galaxy Watch 6 will be offered in two size options: 40mm and 44mm, both supporting Bluetooth and 4G configurations. The recent FCC certification listing for the Galaxy Watch 6 series revealed some crucial specifications, including battery capacity and charging speed. It appears that the Galaxy Watch 6 will sport a larger battery compared to its predecessor. The 40mm variant will feature a 300mAh cell, while the 44mm variant will house a 425mAh cell. Furthermore, the smartwatch will support wired fast charging and 10W wireless charging.

Exynos W930 Chip

The Exynos W930 chipset, recently certified by Bluetooth SIG, is expected to power the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series. Interestingly, this new chipset shares the same model number (S5E5515) as its predecessor, the W920, which powered the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5. The similarity in model numbers suggests that the W930 will have similar base hardware but with improved binning and overclocking for enhanced performance.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6’s Pricing Details Leak Online

The Exynos W930 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 and Wi-Fi capabilities and is built on a 5nm process, similar to the Exynos W920. However, for wireless communication, the new chipset requires the support of an RF chipset. Previous rumors mentioned the Exynos W980, but it seems that the W930 will be the final chip chosen for Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch. It is worth noting that there is speculation about a premium version of the Galaxy Watch 6, possibly powered by the W980 and referred to as the “Galaxy Watch 6 Pro.”

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Price and Availability

According to a leak from Dealabs, the Galaxy Watch 6 will have a starting price of EUR 319.99 for the Bluetooth-only 40mm model, while the 44mm model will be priced at EUR 349.99. The LTE variant of both sizes will cost an additional EUR 50. As for availability, Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Watch 6 series, alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5, in Korea during the last week of July.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series is generating significant excitement among smartwatch enthusiasts. With the leaked pricing details indicating reasonable starting prices, it’s expected to attract a wide range of consumers. The combination of innovative features, improved battery life, and stylish design make the Galaxy Watch 6 a compelling choice for tech-savvy individuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Samsung is planning to unveil the Galaxy Watch 6 series in the last week of July.

According to leaks, the starting price of the Galaxy Watch 6 will be EUR 319.99 for the 40mm Bluetooth model, and EUR 349.99 for the 44mm model. The LTE variants will cost an additional EUR 50.

Yes, both the 40mm and 44mm variants of the Galaxy Watch 6 will support LTE connectivity.

Yes, compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 6 will have a larger battery capacity, offering improved battery life.

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