Unbox and Experience the Power of Moto G64: A Comprehensive Review

Unboxing Experience of Moto g64

I continuously use the Moto g64 for various things, so after seeing all its aspects, the camera, battery performance, I will try to tell you everything. Let’s go. The box is very eco-friendly. Open it on the back. There is a cover that comes along with it. Several specifications are listed on the front. There’s no plastic, and the charger is made of paper cloth. The entire frame and the back are both made of plastic. It feels like a solid rectangle in your hands.

Design and Build Quality

Unboxing Experience of Moto g64

The buttons (presumably power and volume) provide a satisfying clicky feedback when pressed. This is a modern and convenient way to connect headphones. This speaker is left at the top. This speaker is left at the bottom” is a little redundant. It’s clearer to say there are dual speakers, one at the top and one at the bottom.

Display Features of Moto g64

The Moto g64 has a SIM tray that can hold two nano SIM cards. You can insert a microSD card alongside the SIM cards to expand the phone’s storage capacity. The Moto g64 has some level of dust and water resistance. It can handle splashes and light dust, but it’s not fully waterproof. As mentioned earlier, the description confirms there are two speakers, one at the top and one at the bottom, for stereo sound.

Display: The 120Hz refresh rate is a noteworthy feature in this price range, offering a more responsive and fluid user experience.

Full HD+ resolution (likely 1080 x 2400 pixels). 120Hz refresh rate for smoother visuals. LCD technology (instead of AMOLED). HDR10 support for improved contrast and colors.

Design: The description of the raised edges being like a CD might be subjective and depend on the individual’s perception

Full screen design with minimal bezels. Slightly raised edges around the display (possibly made of round glass). The raised edges are described as angled and black, potentially resembling a compact disc (CD).

Speaker Quality

Unboxing Experience of Moto g64

The speaker is considered to be of high quality, better than average phone speakers (both front and rear). The speaker is noted for having good volume. At full volume, the Moto g64 might vibrate slightly on the back due to the strong sound output.

Connectivity Options

It supports 14 5G bands for a wide range of 5G network compatibility. Supports carrier aggregation for potentially faster data speeds. Supports LTE Volte (voice over LTE) on both SIM slots for high-quality voice calls over the LTE network. Supports both SA (standalone) and NSA (non-standalone) 5G modes. (This can be inferred from having multiple 5G bands.)

FM Radio: The phone has a built-in FM radio tuner.

Vman 11 Support: This likely refers to a software feature or chipset (possibly named Vman 11) that might contribute to good video stabilization while recording.

Camera Performance

Unboxing Experience of Moto g64

Triple Rear Camera System: 8 Megapixel Ultra-Wide Sensor: Useful for capturing wider scenes. Wide Angle Sensor (details not mentioned but likely the main camera): Helps with depth sensing and macro photography (close-up shots of small objects). 16 Megapixel Front Camera: For capturing selfies.

The camera captures a good level of detail in photos, especially noticeable when zooming in. Selfies have a slight red tint, potentially making skin tones look flushed or unnatural. The camera offers various shooting modes such as natural light, HDR (high dynamic range) for improved light balance, and portrait mode with background blur for selfies. A bug was encountered where swipe gestures stopped working after taking and deleting photos.

Photos capture good detail, especially when zoomed in (mentioned twice). Offers portrait mode with natural light, HDR, and background blur for selfies. Able to take good macro shots of flowers and plants. Takes better photos in low light with night mode, although there could be a bit more edge. Good video quality with balanced color and contrast. Shows the difference in video stabilization between using optical image stabilization (OIS) and not using it.

The Moto g64 supports 5G bands and achieved good download speeds during testing (mentioned earlier). The phone can run demanding games like “Max” (probably referring to a specific game) at high graphics settings. The Moto g64 has a game mode that offers basic features like performance optimization, screenshot/recording capabilities, and CPU temperature monitoring. Reviewers experienced smooth gameplay with good response times during testing. While the game mode itself isn’t complicated, it does make a noticeable difference in performance.

Game performance:

Unboxing Experience of Moto g64

The Moto g64 can run demanding games smoothly at high graphics settings, but performance may decrease slightly when using the “Turbo” battery saving mode. Game mode provides a significant performance boost. Good performance in other test games including “Real Racing”. Gyroscopes and other sensors work well for games that require orientation detection (such as racing games).

Battery Life

After extended gaming sessions (10-15 minutes) the Moto g64 may get a little warm near the camera. Prioritizing battery life with “Turbo” mode may decrease performance slightly.

Storage and Hardware

Unboxing Experience of Moto g64

Storage: Available in 12GB RAM + 256GB storage or 8GB RAM + 128GB storage. Uses UFS 2.0 storage for faster data transfer speeds.

Hardware: Two variants – 12GB RAM + 256GB storage and 8GB RAM + 128GB storage. LPDDR4x RAM (presumed good). A little heavy but feels comfortable to hold (due to the plastic back). 6000mAh with fast charge (33W) – charges in 1.5 hours and lasts comfortably for 2 days.

Software Features

Clean and bloatware-free software. Built-in security features include Secure Folder, Phishing Protection, Auto-Lock, Network Protection, PIN Scramble, and customization options.

Pricing Analysis of Moto g64

Price: ₹14,999 (approx. $183), ₹11,999 (approx. $147) for the 8GB RAM + 128GB storage version.

In total: Under ₹15,000 (about $183) is considered solid value for money. Ideal for those looking for a Moto g64 with a 120Hz display, good performance, balanced camera, and long battery life.

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